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Learning Event: Hoof Protection


This learning event is sponsored by ARIZONA ENDURANCE RIDERS CLUB (AZERC).

Effee Conner, an experienced endurance rider, ride manager, and farrier assistant, will be presenting. She will cover the different types of hoof protection, why hoof protection is important, and the pros and cons or reasons for each type, as well as answer questions.

The first hour of the event will be dedicated to hoof protection, and it will be followed by networking time among the event participants. There will be experienced endurance riders as well as people new to the sport.

When: February 15, 2020 10:00AM – Noon (NOTE THIS IS A RE-SCHEDULED DATE!)
Where: MJ Fridley’s Home, Rockin’ Horse Ranch, 5550 E Highland Rd, Cave Creek, AZ
What to Bring/Wear: This event will primarily be outdoors, weather permitting, so dress accordingly. Bring a chair. If it’s raining or very cold, we will be inside.

Please RSVP, and text, call, or email for more information:
MJ Fridley 480-239-6708,

Come Learn and Network with Other Endurance Riders!



Vet and Volunteer Clinic Wrap-Up

Thank you to all of the attendees of the clinic this past Sunday, covering the topics of the AERC vet card, vetting parameters, and vetting procedures, and an intro to volunteering at rides.

We had 28 people attend, and it was great to see a mix of both long-time Arizona endurance riders, as well as new riders, and a number of folks interested in the volunteering portion of the clinic and how to get involved in volunteering at rides.

Thank you to Dr Debra Freiberg for presenting on the topic of vetting. She gave a step-by-step walk-through of the AERC vet card, what the vets are checking for at each point, the basic parameters of what those points should be, and a demonstration of vetting procedures. It was a valuable talk for both new and experienced riders to attend, and a subject that there’s always something to be learned!

Dr Deb and demo horse ‘Khan’

A couple of key points from Dr Deb:

  • Knowing your horse’s “normal.” What is their resting pulse? Get to know their gut sounds. Put your hands on their muscles and feel what kind of muscle tone they have.
  • Practice vetting at home! Some horses object to having their mouth handled…get them used to this ahead of time. The stethoscope can feel weird to them initially. They should be able to have their tail and hind end safely handled. Teach them to trot-out and practice it frequently…a horse that trots out smartly with you at their shoulder presents the nicest, easiest-to-see picture for the vets.

The segment wrapped up with a chance for folks to take the pulse on either of the two demo horses, a good chance to practice for anyone who might have some interest in volunteering as a pulse-taker at a ride, and the perfect segue into the second segment, volunteering at rides, presented by Lancette Koerner.

Having volunteers at a ride is an absolutely critical part of making rides happen. However, ride managers often hear, “I would like to volunteer, but I don’t know what I’m doing.” To that end, one of the goals of AzERC is to provide volunteer training, both in giving a more in-depth explanation of what kinds of volunteer positions are often needed at a ride, and in some cases, such as pulse-taking, offering hands-on, ahead-of-time training and practice days.

If you’re interested in participating in any upcoming volunteer training sessions, or being involved in volunteering at rides, contact us to be put in touch with our Volunteer Committee Chair.

The 2019 AERC ride season wraps up on Nov 30, and Dec 1 is the start of the 2020 season. Arizona has a ride already on the calendar every month between December and April; check out our Upcoming Events page for more information if you’re interested in riding, volunteering at, or attending any of these rides.

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Next AZERC Clinic Nov 24th

The next AZERC clinic/educational event is on the books: Join us for a two-part clinic on Sunday, November 24, from 1:00pm-3:30pm.

Part One of the clinic, with Dr Debra Freiberg, will go through the AERC vet card, the parameters that the veterinarians are examining on the horses, and a hands-on demonstration of an AERC vet check.

Part Two of the clinic, with Lancette Koerner, will provide an in-depth look at volunteering at endurance rides — what the typical volunteer positions are, detailed explanations of them and what is entailed, and then more hands-on demonstrations such as how to take the horse’s pulse.

If you’re interested in joining us for this no-cost clinic, please EMAIL Lancette at with your RSVP.

The clinic segment will run until 3:30, and we will have refreshments provided afterwards for anyone who would like to stick around and socialize.

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Upcoming Endurance 101 Clinic




Endurance 101 is a comprehensive presentation developed by AERC to be used by local endurance clubs for the purpose of educating members and attracting new riders to the sport of endurance riding. This clinic is sponsored by ARIZONA ENDURANCE RIDERS CLUB (AZERC).

When: September 28, 2019 9:00AM – Noon

Where: MJ Fridley’s Home, Rockin’ Horse Ranch, 5550 E Highland Rd, Cave Creek

What to Bring/Wear: This event will primarily be indoors although we will go outside briefly. We will NOT be riding.

Please RSVP to, and text or call for more information:

MJ Fridley 480-239-6708

Lancette Koerner 480-650-3124